Innovative layout solutions that maximise the impact of your brand with sublimation printed textile graphics

Mix & Match

The mix and match nature of Modulate™ enables new configurations which can be switched from a simple wall of images to a complete shop in a matter of minutes.

Simple, fast, and reconfigurable

Embedded in each standard frame are four 360° MagLink magnets (patent pending) that allow frames to connect without the need for tools.

How does Modulate™ work?

The MagLink magnets spin inside the frame causing an instant attraction when two frames meet. This means frames can connect at any angle giving you complete flexibility to create any configuration you want.

Modulate™ is unique in the market as it is the only solution that has this level of flexibility.

Easy to replace graphics

Change the season or run an end of season sale by simply replacing the graphics.
The easy fit tension textile graphics pull onto the frame and are secured by a zip at the base.

Choose your frames

Choose your Modulate™ frames from the many varied shapes and sizes on offer and connect them at any angle using the exclusive new magnetic MagLink System 360°, to create limitless configurations without tools or connectors.